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Posted on September 29 2020

Heavy Truck Engine Maintenance


The importance of proper engine maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Preventative measures and scheduled upkeep can save you thousands in the long run while neglecting or overlooking this can cause an array of problems from poor performance to a shortened engine lifespan. When it comes to performance diesel engines, this becomes even more essential as long hauls and delivery schedules demand your truck to be in great shape without unnecessary and avoidable downtime.


Maintenance is Important – and Unavoidable

The main advantage of consistent upkeep is to increase the life of your engine and all of the heavy-duty truck engine parts that keep it fully operational and efficient. The benefits of a well maintained diesel engine also extend beyond performance – you can avoid the hassle of unexpected repairs that could keep your truck in the garage when it should be on the road and reduce the possibility of accidents due to mechanical problems.

Repairs and accidents are not unavoidable but the more action you take to prevent these unwanted and unfortunate occurrences, the less likely you are to have to deal with them in the long run. Safety and savings are critical components to life on the road.


Make and Meet a Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule is vital for the long term life and performance of your engine. Manufacturer recommendations are a good place to start for scheduled maintenance as they will give you an exact mileage and/or time when certain repairs need to happen.

Everything from fluid changes to major overhauls will be on this schedule and you should stick to it religiously. Heavy-duty truck engine parts are built to last but they’re not indestructible and a maintenance schedule will help you increase the long-term life of the major and minor components that keep your rig running strong.

Another recommended tip that goes right along with a schedule is a maintenance log. This can be as simple as keeping a pen and pad in your truck to log the mileage and date when each and every repair occurs. A digital log is also easy to create using any common spreadsheet software and can help keep records for an entire fleet organized and accessible.


Engine Tuning for Performance Diesel

Engine tuning is another aspect related to maintenance that can help you get the most out of a performance diesel engine. Tuning is often overlooked as it isn’t necessarily a critical maintenance task but instead a way to achieve increased performance out of your engine.
The benefits of engine tuning include:
• Increased fuel economy
• Power and torque gains
• Extended engine life
• Less downtime due to longer service intervals (scheduled maintenance always recommended even with tuning)
• Savings on maintenance and fuel costs

Tuning works by tweaking and recalibrating a number of parameters to achieve the benefits seen above. Most performance diesel engines come out of the factory with constraints on how much fuel gets into the engine or set points for injection timing, both of which can impact power and fuel efficiency. By modifying these and other parameters via engine tuning, it’s possible to customize your engine to perform better overall and to change this performance to your liking.

Engine tuning is done by hooking up a tuner to the diagnostics port of engine control unit (ECU) in your truck. A high-quality performance tuner will simply plug into the ECU and from there you can use the small, hand-held device to quickly and easily set your tuning preferences and see the benefits almost straight away.

Even if you keep an engine in solid shape with regular and scheduled service, it still is not likely to perform at the highest levels without a proper tune. With the addition of a tuner, you can easily customize your engine’s performance based on its use or desired characteristics.


Recommended Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Parts for Proper Tuning and Increased Performance

There are plenty of products to choose from when it comes to tuners and other heavy-duty truck engine parts. Many of these will fall short of providing the best increases in performance and long term savings. But there are a few options that stand above the rest and the parts below are highly recommended.

The PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner is a high-quality tuner that will work with a wide variety of engines. This unit is easy to operate by simply plugging into your diagnostics port and following the instructions to customize your tuning parameters with the press of button. The Performance Tuner will allow you to match your desired performance and efficiency considerations with your driving style or situation while accommodating for any upgrades you already have in place as well.

Another heavy-duty truck engine part that comes recommended with tuning in mind is the PDI Big Boss Intake Manifold. Letting your engine breathe properly is another critical component of increased performance. The Big Boss has the ability to open up your manifold in key areas to increase airflow by up to 35%. This increase results in lower air intake temperatures that will directly result in increased horsepower.

Equipping your performance diesel truck with these recommended heavy-duty truck engine parts will let you tune your engine properly while also providing the ability to monitor its performance. Allowing your engine to breathe properly with the PDI Big Boss Intake Manifold can save you a ton of money on top of the inherent savings afforded through engine tuning.


Engine Tuning and Maintenance Can Save You Cash

Engine tuning is strongly suggested for any modern performance diesel engine. The benefits are many and it is an easy way to help your truck operate at its best while saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Regular maintenance alongside utilizing the benefits of engine tuning with the parts mentioned above will give you peace of mind knowing you are doing everything in your control to get the ultimate performance out of your rig.

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