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  • Heavy Truck Engine Maintenance
    Engine tuning is a major aspect of boosting performance with any performance diesel engine. Find out why and learn about some recommended heavy-duty truck parts to help best tune your engine.
    Engine Tuning Importance | Improving Performance and Your Wallet

      The importance of proper engine maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Preventative measures and scheduled upkeep can save you thousands in the long run while neglecting or overlooking this can...

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  • The History of Outlaw Customs
    An idea of a chrome shop into award-winning trucks and performance preferred distributor, learn a little more on the backstory of Outlaw Customs.
    The History of Outlaw Customs

    The First Truck It all starts with an idea.  Working for Allen Gobel’s Western Truck Parts, brothers Andy and Alex Gobel with friends Nic Gillan and Jon Gill started the...

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